mardi 29 septembre 2009

Apple is now offering inexpensive version of the iPhone

Apple has unveiled the second generation of her iPhone, which has the support of 3G wireless networks, the fastest

Not the company boost its share in smart mobile phone market which is dominated by giants Nokia and Blackberry.
The head of Apple Steve Jobs announced the launch of new phones, which he said that she would be in the ability of consumers economic price starts at about $ 199.

The devices will contain the new iPhone feature sail satellite GPS.
It was an iPhone had been put on the market for the first time late last year and has been criticized because of his support networks 2 LG slowest.

Jobs said the iPhone 3 G 3 times faster downloading the material from the first device.
Apple controls 20 percent of the market for smart phones in the United States and 5 percent of the global market.

The Apple has sold 6 million handsets in the iPhone since its launch in the market in June of last year.
Jobs said the price of the first device is the main reason for reluctance to buy.

The price of the first device is the main reason for reluctance to buy
Director of Apple Steve Jobs
And will sell the iPhone for the new cheap $ 199 and a capacity of memory 8 Jijaaitis and there will be a model II memory capacity of 16 Jijaaitis $ 299.
Will present the new iPhone on July 11 in 223 countries, including Britain. Positive reaction
Maggie says Shils BBC Affairs technological reaction to the new device in a conference of specialists in San Francisco was very positive.
He said one of the specialists that it would be difficult for consumers to resist the new price.
However, analyst John Delaney asked, saying, "This device is cheaper and better but how? What is behind licenses? .. Reduced the retail price or the quality and efficiency of the device itself

samedi 26 septembre 2009

The universe is expanding and accelerating

Transfer telescope «Hubble» space which caused a revolution in the field of space science and underwent in May (May) last renewal, and amazing new images of distant galaxies presented by the U.S. space agency «NASA». And more pictures of striking, captured four of the six devices provided by telescope, constellation of stars shaped like a butterfly as well as the very dense stellar cluster and a column of gas and dust called «the foundation of creation» by name, which gives the sources of the stars in the making.

He supported Feller, associate director of «NASA» responsible for the scientific tasks that «this is a new start for the Hubble».

He added that the telescope was placed into orbit in 1990 underwent a complete renovation and became more capable than before, when provided with good equipment that allows him to remain fit for work during the next decade.

And equipment «Hubble» New is capable of scanning the universe in the optical spectrum and begin a large-scale ultraviolet radiation and up to the infrared. The team unveiled «Hubble» Scientific also monitoring things back into the billions of light years and reveal the structure of the universe space.

The new machines more accurate and interaction with the light which significantly improve the capacity of «Hubble» in the area of control. Needs «Hubble» through these devices to a much less time than the time needed was the previous generation equipment for the monitoring operations.

These results show the success of the shuttle mission «Atlantis», which took place in May (May), when the oldest of seven astronauts on the renewal «Hubble» completely.

And the transfer of «Hubble» more than 750 thousand images from space as well as millions of data, to establish a new era in space science and alter the vision of the universe prevails.

Thanks to the monitoring and data recorded by the «Hubble» His astrophysicists to confirm that the universe is expanding at the pace accelerated, so that they can finally be calculated from which they set forth at 13 billion years ago.

Machine high-speed printer

Became possible to print more than two million books fell by copyright in a few minutes by high-speed printer "Espresso Book Machine", with no more than 12 copies in the world.

As the name suggests printer "Espresso Book Machine" which was considered "Time" magazine of the best innovations of 2007, take the cover of a book printed in color size small or large the time required for the preparation of coffee.

It should be noted that the Internet giant Google signed a deal with "Demand Books On" produced for the printer in question allows them access to all the books you want and which are not subject to copyright.

Said Dan Niller one of the founders of "On Diamond Books" and general manager he can get in a few minutes on a book similar to those found in the libraries, it does not take longer to print a book of 300 pages more than four minutes and a half minutes.

He added that it is wonderful that we can see all the literary works of classical authors to the work of unknown, and all the work that we find in the average rank between the two.

The Niller it can be located reader to Shakespeare and Dickens and Twain to Rousseau and Hugo, as well as Balzac. He pointed out that yesterday, the company prints the book deals with the subject of leaves.
Prior to that published a book on how to make candy at the beginning of the twentieth century.

There is currently only about 12 printers placed in service in five countries, including the estimated price of one hundred thousand dollars.

These printers are available only in some prestigious university libraries, modeled on the Library "McGill" in Canada and soon in Harvard in the vicinity of East Boston, United States and even in the library of Alexandria in Egypt.

He pointed to the possibility of production Niller 40 printer at the beginning of 2010, and copies are printed in color in full within six months.

Company did not wish to make "On Diamond Books" determine the price of the printed book on request, but suggested average price of the book of eight dollars with an estimated cost price Basant for each page including the cost of ink and paper and glue.

Brides less than a dollar

Often cost thousands of weddings or tens of thousands of dollars

For this reason gloom nine newly married couples in California is not an offer

It was suggested that the place "99c Only" which does not increase the prices of goods before it for 99 cents, to host the wedding ceremony of nine newly married couples in California

Chose to replace the 99c Only on 2009/9/9 for the or

tion of concerts as a spectacular day

In addition to the ceremony, the store for newlyweds a gift might not have been able to get it

They spend their honeymoon in a luxury hotel in California

The world's tallest man

Named the Guinness Book of World Records, the Turkish Sultan Kosin's tallest man in the world, with a length of 2.47 meters

The Cousin of age 27 years and says he was looking for love, and complain that it is difficult for him to find a friend as women are afraid of it

Cousin says he was of average height during childhood, but that he was hormonal imbalance from a tumor in the pituitary Gdth led to overproduction of growth hormone. The tumor was removed last year and is expected to grow to a greater extent Kosin. Kosin and uses crutches to stand and walk.

Kosin and is also the owner of record for the longest condemns (where Thblgan 27.5 cm) and longer legs (where Thblgan 36.5 cm).

A visit was arranged for Cousin to London, the first visit outside of Turkey, before the Guinness on the occasion of issuance of the Guinness Book of Records for 2010.

Kosin has won the title after he refused to rival Ukrainian Leonid Stadeneik which is assumed to be long, 2.57 meters long refused to be measured, saying he was tired of global concern.

The shortest man in the world

Young Khagandara Thapa Magar of Nepal's 17 years of age weighing 4.5 kg and a length of 51 centimeters, will be recorded in Guinness Book of Records as the shortest person in the world while the age of 18 in October next year.

Magar dance on the occasion of the Nepali capital Kathmandu on September 7 Aileu

Magar play

vendredi 18 septembre 2009


To swap "is a result of the process of transforming the deal built on a new push to switch to the past history of the deal, the current date. Is found the amount of this payment (the value of transmission of the Center) in the client account the extent of plus or minus, which is the difference between both rates for the currencies of the transaction (see the section" Frequently Asked Questions "- question 25). In the night from Wednesday to Thursday doubled the value of transmission of the center three times as compensation for holidays. In the period from Friday to Monday, does not exceed the value of transmission of the Center for the normal amount.

Calculates the value of transmission center every 24 hours in the middle of the night are the provider (server) is linked at the exchange rate at the moment to do the accounts. The value is different Malk Center is a simple transition from day to day

Wrong concepts:

There are two concepts that lay on the forex market first is that the work in this market resembles the play roulette - one wins a large amount of money and lose the rest. Of course, be considerable risk. But Forex is not a game Roulette, in the changing currency rates play certain laws. First adopt the value of the currency specific indicators of the economy of the country in question. Secondly determined by the preferences and expectations of dealers in the market. Despite the difficulty of the work expectations, but possible. The work in the forex market is confirmed by the analysis that the proportion of positives include more than coincidence.

Today we find that the risk and the risk is part and parcel of doing the work actively in market conditions, or simply can say that the real amount of the success of any project or deal could be different from what was expected when the decision-making. But speculation in the capital market is the most risky and dangerous because it can loss ratio of the complexity and difficulty of predicting the behavior of the market can never guarantee a positive result. That this fact alienated many working in the capital market although it is accessible to all thanks to electronic communications technology and huge base for the analysis of information .

The second concept is that the profit the wrong person must necessarily offset the loss of others. But speculation in the forex market is not in many cases at the expense of changing currency rates, because there is a large group of participants using currencies of change for other purposes (import and export, investment and tourism) did not play the price fluctuations for times of short plays an important role for them. With the freedom to change the basic world currencies free floating rate determined by supply and demand become the process of changing the currency in itself a source of income, namely that the currency is a commodity like any other goods.

The currency market is the fact, like other exchange markets is never in balance. The condition can be described as a state of constant search for balance slippery slope.

What is required for success in the currency market? The basic vehicle access to that can be formed as follows:

* Predict the correct direction of change of exchange rates;
* Achieve a minimum of loss when the market situation is good;
* Haphazard deal with the funds used in a trade.

The prediction right price depends on the deep study of the market. Usually had three forms of market analysis: analysis of news and analysis and technical analysis myself. And be judicious mix, and the correct analysis of these three is the guarantee for the correct prediction in the currency market.

News analysis includes the study of economic and political factors that may affect the currency market. For example, reports policies of the U.S. central bank reserves, economy and basic transactions, and statements important and other important events. The main objective of the analysis is the basic analysis of key factors and their impact on the dynamics of prices in the currency market. The shops in the forex market always be familiar with the current situation in the world.

Technical analysis is an analysis of the market situation changes based on the previous price. Used in this analysis Albianp graphics that reflect price changes for a certain period. Technical Analysis and we also understand the general market situation at the present time, several indicators can predict price changes in the near future. Technical analysis is based on the fact that the movement of prices to take into account all the factors that could affect the market - economic, political, psychological and other factors - are already taken into account in determining prices. And if the market truly market Vsttkon movement as a result of a huge number of participants taken after their analysis of the enormous amount of information when they contract deals. The behavior of prices is a result of these decisions, and you have to monitor each input information in this market. That stores the necessary reality is few - to know the direction of movement of prices. And technical analysis, gives a tremendous amount of tools enable us to draw useful forecasts of graphs of prices.

Psychoanalysis is to analyze the behavior of traders in the market and their psychological and expectations, hopes and fears. This type of analysis is very important because the rate of health is very high. And we must not forget that behind the computer stations that give human beings and the expectations of prices depends on their actions eventually currency

What is Forex?

The word "forex" means short, the foreign exchange market or the stock market for global foreign money which suited for the word "FOReign EXchange market" in the English language. And be speculation by buying and selling major currencies which have the basic share from operations in the forex market is the U.S. dollar (USD) (base currency) and the euro (EUR) and Sterling (GBP) and Swiss franc (CHF) and Japanese Yen (JPY).

Buying and selling those currencies and the U.S. dollar or other currencies among themselves, which defines spouses of currencies and against the U.S. dollar or any currency against another currency value. And considered speculative currency trade in profitable stock exchanges, and also the most risky, because of rapid fluctuations in the currencies of the upward trend to trend downward, or vice versa. In addition to the currency market there are other types of stock exchanges are: gold, silver, oil stocks, shares and bonds, energy and agricultural crops. The currency exchanges are characterized by various indicators and technical analysis, news analysis and rapid access to the profits.

The daily volume of currency trading in the forex market to reach $ 3 trillion. And for the sake of comparison, the volume of activities that the New York Stock Exchange does not exceed $ 300 billion per day, meaning it needed half a year to New York Stock Exchange the volume of the currency market.

And I have a bond market and sell the future (Future - FUTURE) and lack of a fundamental difference compared to the forex market: they stop working at the end of the day and resume work with the next morning. It is normal that if you are trading in the markets of Germany, for example, and the events occurred in the United States a significant impact on the market, you may find the market at the beginning of work is significantly different than expected.

The forex market is not a market literal sense of the word, since it has no center, no place has a certain exercise a trade. The trading exercised through contact telephone and Internet computer at one time among hundreds of banks around the world. Hundreds of jobs and sold dollars to buy every few seconds, and this is what is called currency trading.

Forex market combining four regional markets: Australian and Asian, European and American. And continue operations where all trading days of work, and the market operates around the clock 24 hours a day. And the relative calm from 20:00 pm until 01:00 GMT, and was due to the closure of the New York Stock eighth in the evening and start work on the Tokyo Stock Exchange at one o'clock in the morning.

The currency market is not about working hours because the stock traded between banks, which are located around the world. And the prices of large multi-currency changes, which helps to do some business operations in a single day. It is well known that the declines significant impact on the financial markets, which could lead to the collapse of stocks or bonds. The forex market decline in the dollar (for example) means the price rise of other currency and there is no such mention the collapse of shares or bonds.

Founded forex market (FOREX) for the financial transactions between banks in 1971 when it turned transactions in global trade from using fixed values of the currencies of the values of the floatation. The total output of the financial transactions carried out by agents of the financial markets to divert a certain amount of money in the currency of one country to another country currency value agreed in advance to a specific date. And identifies specific currency conversion rate for other currency simply: supply and demand for convertible approved by the parties.

The volume of transactions in the international money market in steady growth. This development is significant in world trade and lifting the ban on currencies in many countries. That 80% of all transactions is a speculation in the currency market aimed at obtaining profits from currency differences. This speculation and attract many participants, both financial organizations or individual investors.

As a result of the tremendous development in communications technology in the last two decades has changed the market in itself to a large degree. That the profession currency trader, which was surrounded by an aura of secrecy has become almost unanimous. The trade in currency, which was until recently limited to major banks monopolistic become accessible to all as a result of electronic commerce. Even the largest banks in favor of trading as well as personal electronic transactions between two parties.

The aim of the forex market as a potential person for the use of financial, mental and psychological blow is not luck. Some may succeed in this, but not for long. The basic advantage of the currency market is that the success of using intellectual potential.

One interesting feature of the currency market is characteristic balance, although this seems strange. Everyone knows that the fundamental characteristic of the financial market is the sudden nosedive. But the forex market is different from the stock market in that it does not fall. When stocks lose value this collapse. But if the dollar falls, for example, that just means that other currency has become stronger - an example of the Japanese yen, which has become in a few months of 1998 the strongest quarter for almost the dollar. This has reached a decline of the dollar for some days in that period of tens of per cent. Although this did not happen collapse of the market and the transactions continued as usual. In this limited stability of the currency market and the associated work. The currency is fully liquidity goods can be purchased or sold at all times.

Currency market works all the time-stop is not linked to hours of work designated for Exchange, the transactions between banks located in different parts of the globe. That changes in currency rates are significantly and several times be sufficient to carry out several operations each day. If you have a proven trading technology and secured the area you can make work not compare the effectiveness of its effectiveness in any other area. Therefore we find the major banks acquire the most expensive equipment used dozens of specialist trading in the various sections of the currency market.

Expenditures to engage in this work is not great. In fact, the work requirements in this area of study and primary acquisition and the purchase of computer information service and does not exceed the value of insurance together a few thousand dollars and this amount can be invested seriously in any other area. With a huge supply of services in this area easy to find an experienced agent in the currency market. What is left after that depends on the stores. Draw from this is that success in this area depends on you personally more than any other act.

The basic thing to success in this market is not the size of the money entering the market as it focus upon the Permanent market study, and understanding Mikhanykyate and wishes of the participants. This results in the continuous improvement of the way you work and organize your trading. This has never managed people in the currency market was adopted on the capital only.