mardi 29 septembre 2009

Apple is now offering inexpensive version of the iPhone

Apple has unveiled the second generation of her iPhone, which has the support of 3G wireless networks, the fastest

Not the company boost its share in smart mobile phone market which is dominated by giants Nokia and Blackberry.
The head of Apple Steve Jobs announced the launch of new phones, which he said that she would be in the ability of consumers economic price starts at about $ 199.

The devices will contain the new iPhone feature sail satellite GPS.
It was an iPhone had been put on the market for the first time late last year and has been criticized because of his support networks 2 LG slowest.

Jobs said the iPhone 3 G 3 times faster downloading the material from the first device.
Apple controls 20 percent of the market for smart phones in the United States and 5 percent of the global market.

The Apple has sold 6 million handsets in the iPhone since its launch in the market in June of last year.
Jobs said the price of the first device is the main reason for reluctance to buy.

The price of the first device is the main reason for reluctance to buy
Director of Apple Steve Jobs
And will sell the iPhone for the new cheap $ 199 and a capacity of memory 8 Jijaaitis and there will be a model II memory capacity of 16 Jijaaitis $ 299.
Will present the new iPhone on July 11 in 223 countries, including Britain. Positive reaction
Maggie says Shils BBC Affairs technological reaction to the new device in a conference of specialists in San Francisco was very positive.
He said one of the specialists that it would be difficult for consumers to resist the new price.
However, analyst John Delaney asked, saying, "This device is cheaper and better but how? What is behind licenses? .. Reduced the retail price or the quality and efficiency of the device itself

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