samedi 26 septembre 2009

Machine high-speed printer

Became possible to print more than two million books fell by copyright in a few minutes by high-speed printer "Espresso Book Machine", with no more than 12 copies in the world.

As the name suggests printer "Espresso Book Machine" which was considered "Time" magazine of the best innovations of 2007, take the cover of a book printed in color size small or large the time required for the preparation of coffee.

It should be noted that the Internet giant Google signed a deal with "Demand Books On" produced for the printer in question allows them access to all the books you want and which are not subject to copyright.

Said Dan Niller one of the founders of "On Diamond Books" and general manager he can get in a few minutes on a book similar to those found in the libraries, it does not take longer to print a book of 300 pages more than four minutes and a half minutes.

He added that it is wonderful that we can see all the literary works of classical authors to the work of unknown, and all the work that we find in the average rank between the two.

The Niller it can be located reader to Shakespeare and Dickens and Twain to Rousseau and Hugo, as well as Balzac. He pointed out that yesterday, the company prints the book deals with the subject of leaves.
Prior to that published a book on how to make candy at the beginning of the twentieth century.

There is currently only about 12 printers placed in service in five countries, including the estimated price of one hundred thousand dollars.

These printers are available only in some prestigious university libraries, modeled on the Library "McGill" in Canada and soon in Harvard in the vicinity of East Boston, United States and even in the library of Alexandria in Egypt.

He pointed to the possibility of production Niller 40 printer at the beginning of 2010, and copies are printed in color in full within six months.

Company did not wish to make "On Diamond Books" determine the price of the printed book on request, but suggested average price of the book of eight dollars with an estimated cost price Basant for each page including the cost of ink and paper and glue.

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