samedi 26 septembre 2009

The universe is expanding and accelerating

Transfer telescope «Hubble» space which caused a revolution in the field of space science and underwent in May (May) last renewal, and amazing new images of distant galaxies presented by the U.S. space agency «NASA». And more pictures of striking, captured four of the six devices provided by telescope, constellation of stars shaped like a butterfly as well as the very dense stellar cluster and a column of gas and dust called «the foundation of creation» by name, which gives the sources of the stars in the making.

He supported Feller, associate director of «NASA» responsible for the scientific tasks that «this is a new start for the Hubble».

He added that the telescope was placed into orbit in 1990 underwent a complete renovation and became more capable than before, when provided with good equipment that allows him to remain fit for work during the next decade.

And equipment «Hubble» New is capable of scanning the universe in the optical spectrum and begin a large-scale ultraviolet radiation and up to the infrared. The team unveiled «Hubble» Scientific also monitoring things back into the billions of light years and reveal the structure of the universe space.

The new machines more accurate and interaction with the light which significantly improve the capacity of «Hubble» in the area of control. Needs «Hubble» through these devices to a much less time than the time needed was the previous generation equipment for the monitoring operations.

These results show the success of the shuttle mission «Atlantis», which took place in May (May), when the oldest of seven astronauts on the renewal «Hubble» completely.

And the transfer of «Hubble» more than 750 thousand images from space as well as millions of data, to establish a new era in space science and alter the vision of the universe prevails.

Thanks to the monitoring and data recorded by the «Hubble» His astrophysicists to confirm that the universe is expanding at the pace accelerated, so that they can finally be calculated from which they set forth at 13 billion years ago.

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