vendredi 18 septembre 2009

Wrong concepts:

There are two concepts that lay on the forex market first is that the work in this market resembles the play roulette - one wins a large amount of money and lose the rest. Of course, be considerable risk. But Forex is not a game Roulette, in the changing currency rates play certain laws. First adopt the value of the currency specific indicators of the economy of the country in question. Secondly determined by the preferences and expectations of dealers in the market. Despite the difficulty of the work expectations, but possible. The work in the forex market is confirmed by the analysis that the proportion of positives include more than coincidence.

Today we find that the risk and the risk is part and parcel of doing the work actively in market conditions, or simply can say that the real amount of the success of any project or deal could be different from what was expected when the decision-making. But speculation in the capital market is the most risky and dangerous because it can loss ratio of the complexity and difficulty of predicting the behavior of the market can never guarantee a positive result. That this fact alienated many working in the capital market although it is accessible to all thanks to electronic communications technology and huge base for the analysis of information .

The second concept is that the profit the wrong person must necessarily offset the loss of others. But speculation in the forex market is not in many cases at the expense of changing currency rates, because there is a large group of participants using currencies of change for other purposes (import and export, investment and tourism) did not play the price fluctuations for times of short plays an important role for them. With the freedom to change the basic world currencies free floating rate determined by supply and demand become the process of changing the currency in itself a source of income, namely that the currency is a commodity like any other goods.

The currency market is the fact, like other exchange markets is never in balance. The condition can be described as a state of constant search for balance slippery slope.

What is required for success in the currency market? The basic vehicle access to that can be formed as follows:

* Predict the correct direction of change of exchange rates;
* Achieve a minimum of loss when the market situation is good;
* Haphazard deal with the funds used in a trade.

The prediction right price depends on the deep study of the market. Usually had three forms of market analysis: analysis of news and analysis and technical analysis myself. And be judicious mix, and the correct analysis of these three is the guarantee for the correct prediction in the currency market.

News analysis includes the study of economic and political factors that may affect the currency market. For example, reports policies of the U.S. central bank reserves, economy and basic transactions, and statements important and other important events. The main objective of the analysis is the basic analysis of key factors and their impact on the dynamics of prices in the currency market. The shops in the forex market always be familiar with the current situation in the world.

Technical analysis is an analysis of the market situation changes based on the previous price. Used in this analysis Albianp graphics that reflect price changes for a certain period. Technical Analysis and we also understand the general market situation at the present time, several indicators can predict price changes in the near future. Technical analysis is based on the fact that the movement of prices to take into account all the factors that could affect the market - economic, political, psychological and other factors - are already taken into account in determining prices. And if the market truly market Vsttkon movement as a result of a huge number of participants taken after their analysis of the enormous amount of information when they contract deals. The behavior of prices is a result of these decisions, and you have to monitor each input information in this market. That stores the necessary reality is few - to know the direction of movement of prices. And technical analysis, gives a tremendous amount of tools enable us to draw useful forecasts of graphs of prices.

Psychoanalysis is to analyze the behavior of traders in the market and their psychological and expectations, hopes and fears. This type of analysis is very important because the rate of health is very high. And we must not forget that behind the computer stations that give human beings and the expectations of prices depends on their actions eventually currency

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