vendredi 18 septembre 2009


To swap "is a result of the process of transforming the deal built on a new push to switch to the past history of the deal, the current date. Is found the amount of this payment (the value of transmission of the Center) in the client account the extent of plus or minus, which is the difference between both rates for the currencies of the transaction (see the section" Frequently Asked Questions "- question 25). In the night from Wednesday to Thursday doubled the value of transmission of the center three times as compensation for holidays. In the period from Friday to Monday, does not exceed the value of transmission of the Center for the normal amount.

Calculates the value of transmission center every 24 hours in the middle of the night are the provider (server) is linked at the exchange rate at the moment to do the accounts. The value is different Malk Center is a simple transition from day to day

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